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I have a lot of friends. Most of them are classmates. My best friend called Andrey. He is fourteen. He lives with his parents not far from the school.

Andrey has a lot of hobbies: he likes to play the computer, to read detective stories, to collect butterflies. He likes animals, espesially cats. He has got a cat Lastik at home.

Andrey has short, light hair and grey eyes. He is quite short and rather thin. He always manages to be cheerful, energetic, full of life and energy. He is helpful and honest.

Andrey is very popular. H is a helpful person and every time he tries to do her best to help somebody when he has problems.

    Andrey is very attentive to his parents. Of course, he has some drawbacks - sometimes she is a hurly-burly boy, a bit stubborn. But still like him as she has a good sense of humour and pleasant to deal with.

    We spend much time together - watch video or listen to the music, walk or go to the cafe discussing all sorts of things. Our friendship helps me feel strong and sure of myself.  



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